The Wisconsin Undergraduate Journal Association (WUJA) is an interdisciplinary network of undergraduate student publications at the University of Wisconsin. Established in the Spring of 2017, WUJA was created to be a medium of exchange and collaboration for the authors, editors and faculty of each member journal. The Association currently includes Sifting and Winnowing, ARCHIVE: the Undergraduate Journal of History, the Journal of Undergraduate Science and Technology, the Madison Journal of Literary Criticism, Equilibrium, the Wisconsin Engineer, the Wisconsin International Review and Avukah: the Undergraduate Journal of Jewish Studies. These journals feature the best of UW undergraduate research on topics related to political science, public policy, history, religious studies, economics, science, literature, technology, and mathematics. WUJA’s mission is to strengthen each journal by engaging and promoting a network of students who are passionate about undergraduate research and scholarship.

Best of UW

WUJA Editor’s Note

Dear Reader:

The Wisconsin Undergraduate Journal Association’s very first “Best of” publication is a compilation of UW-Madison’s finest undergraduate scholarship. This interdisciplinary collection provides a look into the many issues and ideas that UW students are exploring through in-depth academic research. Whether they are historicizing German-American war efforts to defeat the Third Reich, addressing the changing nature of corporate responsibility, or explaining the benefits of precision farming, undergraduates are investigating topics that resonate with the past, present and future. All of the students featured in this publication were previously published in one of UW’s undergraduate journals, and they were helped along the way by dedicated professors and undergraduate journal editors. For these students, being published means having the opportunity to share their ideas, which are deeply rooted in passion, genuine interest and enthusiasm, with a wider campus community. This “Best of” publication is not only another means of exposure for these student researchers, but also an emulation of their passion and excitement for undergraduate scholarship and academia.

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